Is YOUR Local History Accessible?

If your community does not have a Community History Archive of its own, or if you would like to see more local history online, please contact your local library, newspaper publisher, genealogical society, historical society, or educational institution, and encourage them to learn more about creating a Community History Archive or have them contact at Advantage Archives  (855) 303-2727, or they can email us at Advantage partners with communities across the United States to archive & provide practical digital access to local historical content in print, that would otherwise be lost to the erosion of time.

You can join us in our mission to:

"Archive The Pages Of History Printed Yesterday, Last Year, Or Centuries Ago And Ensure They Are Accessible Today, Next Year, And For Centuries To Come"

The Community History Archives are designed to provide a our partners with a valuable resource, free from the burden of ongoing costs associated with hosting, storage, bandwidth, IT resources, software licensing, design, and development, that often make projects like this cost prohibitive.

Historical newspapers and documents provide the first draft of our community’s history, and they not only need to be preserved but made easily accessible.

Advantage Archives developed The Community History Archives to be powerful but not intimidating. They are user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn. Advantage has focused on making the online archives as simple as possible so that everyone, from students to grandparents (and anyone in between), can browse, search, view, clip, and share articles, headlines, pages, and stories recorded in the pages of the community newspaper. Just type a search and hit “enter” or browse to a specific year, month, day, or page in any (or all) publications contained in the archive.

The platform serves as a “portal to the past,” allowing those primary source documents to give an accounting of history as told by the individuals that witnessed it. When we stitch the pages together, the archives connect us to the people, places, and events that have shaped the community.