"Johnson's Liniment" Wrist Watch

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The Advantage Archives "Johnson's Liniment" Wrist Watch

Johnson & Co. touted their liniment as a treatment (or cure) for coughs, colds, grippy cold, colic, asthmatic distress, bronchial colds, nasal catarrh, cholera morbus, cramps, diarrhea, bruises, common sore throat, burns and scalds, chaps and chafing, chilblains, frost bites, muscular rheumatism, soreness, sprains and strains. 

The liniment was comprised of water, soap oils, camphor, alcohol, and disturbing amounts of ether, ammonia, and even lead. But what was the secret ingredient that made Johnson's Liniment ? Opium. 

It is no wonder why Johnson's was so popular. It really was "like no other".

Now you have a bit of trivia to share when someone asks you about this watch. Another bit of trivia: Advantage Archives works with hundreds of libraries and newspaper publishers across the United States, hosting millions (and millions) of historical newspaper images in Community History Archives. When you purchase the Johnson's Liniment watch, you are helping ensure that history remains free to the community, now and in the future!

About the watch:

Gender Unisex
Movement Japanese Movement
Case Alloy
Bands PVC
Crown Lock-down Crown
Diameter 40mm
Thickness 8mm
Water-resistance No
Occasion Office / Casual