Letters To Santa 15 oz Christmas Mug

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Dear Santa,

This year I would like the history contained in old newspapers to be free for everyone, a puppy, an unlimited supply of coffee....and this mug! This oversized 15 oz white ceramic mug has rounded corners and a "C" shaped handle. Letters to Santa Clause that were printed in a newspaper over 80 years ago are printed on the mug using high quality sublimation printing. Perfect for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate....or to leave a cold glass of milk next to the cookies for a certain someone that will be coming down the chimney.  

"But why would Santa bring me this mug?"

Good question. Santa has been around a long...LONG...time. He has seen a lot of news, and witnessed a lot of history. No one knows better than him that free access to history is a wonderful gift, and one that keeps giving.

Advantage Archives works with hundreds of libraries and newspaper publishers across the United States, hosting millions (and millions) of historical newspaper images in Community History Archives, and we are proud to be an active participant in those community’s efforts to make local history more accessible. Advantage takes the burden off of the community after the project is funded, and we eliminate the ongoing costs associated with storage, hosting, development, and maintenance of the community’s archive!

As Santa's little helpers, you can partner with Advantage and help provide free access to local history...simply by buying a gift that gives back!