"Old Fort Dearborn" Watch

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The Advantage Archives "Old Fort Dearborn" Watch

It is time for a story:

Fort Dearborn has a long, sad, and at times, tragic history. Established in 1803, the fort was named for the Secretary of War, General Henry Dearborn, and was to solidify the supremacy of the US military in thein the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys. Unfortunately,  the original fort was short-lived thanks to the War of 1812 and the infamous "Fort Dearborn Massacre".

After 5 years, the US troops returned to Chicago and begun construction of the second fort, eager to rebuild and reestablish their position....which didn't go exactly as planned. From the early 1820s to early 1830s, the fort was abandoned and garrisoned numerous times.

The image on the watch face, which was found in one of our Community History Archives, is dated "1830". This is a bit ironic, as it is one of the periods in which the fort was unoccupied. You can see the illustration shows both US soldiers and Native Americans seemingly at peace, but separate...which is unlikely given the new and escalating conflicts with the local Winnebago tribes in 1830 & 1831 and the begging of the Blackhawk War in 1832.

We share all of this history with you so you can dazzle and impress anyone that asks what time it is.

Or you could just tell them the time, but that's boring.


Gender Unisex
Movement CITIZEN
Case Stainless Steel
Bands Genuine Leather
Crown Collision-Avoidance Lock-down Crown
Diameter 31mm / 38mm
Thickness 7.8mm
Water-resistance 3 ATM
Occasion Office / Casual
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